Canada’s Manitoba could be hit by one of the worst blizzards in decades, says Environment Canada

Manitoba Blizzard. Credit: Representative image of Blizard/ credit: Wikimedia commons

Manitoba/CMEDIA: Southern Manitoba could be hit by a major spring blizzard, the worst in decades for three days this week, Environment Canada says.

Environment Canada said in an updated storm watch notice on Monday, that widespread snowfall of 30-50 centimeters with north winds gusting from 70-90 km/h is expected,  giving zero visibility at times.

The biggest single snowstorm this winter was 20 cm, back on Dec 27.

Much higher amounts, possibly approaching 80 cm, might be seen in the higher terrain of western Manitoba and the western Red River Valley, Environment Canada’s storm watch said.

Although Good Friday would see things easing up, a high of –5 C is forecast for Friday and –1 for Saturday. The normal daytime high for this time of year is 9 C.