Study abroad vs study in home country, and choose a university

Study abroad

By Varun Iyer 

IBNS/A university experience is not the same in every country of the world. Students grow up listening to the university experiences of their parents which is different from what they experience on their own. This leads students to look for the best option that fits them at a global level. A global experience will help them find better career options.

Study abroad vs study in home country

Students in large numbers are fascinated by the idea of going to a university outside their home country. One of the reasons is that students who get into a top university in their home country get benefits from the education offered in their home country. But the students who are average in studies could go for higher education abroad. This will give them better career opportunities in comparison to their home country.

Pros and cons

Studying abroad or studying in your home country both have their own pros and cons. Studying in your home country could help you save some costs on accommodation, travel, food and tuition. But also staying with family gives you comfort that hardly encourages you to become independent.

It is true that the students who go abroad to study are more confident and independent in nature. They are capable of handling real-world challenges. If you choose to study abroad then you could also get cultural experience that is not available in your home country.

When you study overseas you also work part-time to support your living. This helps in networking with people coming from different places. It also helps you to connect with the global world. An international education along with work experience will have a significant impact on your resume that will elevate your career graph.

Choosing the best university

When selecting the university to study the first step is to look at the rankings. The QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education (THE) league tables are among the most respected. However, make sure that some criteria that determine the rankings may be less relevant. So, research the particular course you are applying for.

You must also look beyond a university’s reputation and find institutions that fit you personally and academically.  Selecting the right university could be a stressful task. There are thousands of universities available in countries abroad. You should also see the other factors such as alumni network, graduate success ratio etc. Check their alliances with the employers, and the internship opportunities they offer to their students.

Scholarship opportunities

Cost is the key factor that influences a student’s choice of study abroad or in the home country. Some countries are expensive and some are affordable.

If you are studying in your home country then the cost of the entire duration of the course will be lesser in comparison to studying abroad. If you are willing to study abroad then you must understand that there are other expenses apart from tuition fees. From accommodation to travel and visa etc are the expenditures that you have to consider. Many deserving students, despite having excellent academic records, drop their dream of studying abroad. Due to this many universities and governments have come up with various scholarship programs. You may also look for scholarship opportunities in the intended university to lower your financial burden and add accolades to your CV.

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(The writer is a Study Abroad Educational Consultant,

About the Writer: As a study abroad educational consultant, Varun has been guiding students with different academic backgrounds in various countries like Canada, Ireland, the UK, the USA, New Zealand, and Europe. He has more than 7 years of experience in study abroad and educational counseling for various programs such as Business, Engineering, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. He worked in Dubai where he helped multicultural students from various curriculums to study at top global universities such as Waterloo, York, Ryerson, Amsterdam, Queen Mary, KCL, Edinburgh, TU Berlin, TCD, UCD, Monash, CMU, NUI, Galway and many more.

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