Canada’s majority MPs vote for Johnston to step aside, NDP say House of Commons lost trust in him

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Ottawa/CMEDIA: Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau government’s assurance to Canadians that the threat of foreign interference is adequately being addressed took a hit on Wednesday, when the majority of MPs in the House of Commons voted for special rapporteur David Johnston to “step aside.”

 An NDP motion was passed by a team of opposition MPs calling for Johnston to remove himself from the role as rapporteur in light of the serious questions raised about his mandate and conclusions, as well as over his recommendations against a public inquiry.

The motion which was passed by a vote of 174 to 150 also calls for a public inquiry by the federal government.

Although it is just a symbolic move, as the motion is non-binding and Johnston remains on the job, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Wednesday he hopes it sends a message to Trudeau that Johnston no longer has the confidence of the House of Commons for his role investigating allegations of Chinese government interference in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections.

Johnston’s impartiality due to his past personal and professional ties to the prime minister’s family and a foundation bearing the Trudeau name has been the chief issue of concern in the House of Commons.

But the Liberals were united in voting against the motion and voiced confidence in his continued work.

Trudeau also continues to refuse to entertain the opposition’s unrelenting demands for an inquiry.

As a result of the motion being passed, the Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) has been instructed to recommend to the House on who could lead this inquiry, and what the terms of reference should be. 

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