Teen girl in Pakistani village burnt to death for refusing to marry a man selected by her family

Pakistan. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

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IBNS-CMEDIA: A 17-year-old woman was allegedly burnt and beaten to death by her parents after she refused to marry a man they selected in a Pakistani village named  Liaqatpur.

According to an FIR filed by ASI Jamil Malik, he, along with constables Muhammad Shoaib, Matloob Hussain, Fida Hussain and Nazish Batool, received information while at bridge that the daughter of Atta Muhammad from the Dobai Bloach clan was murdered by her father and brothers in Mauza Miyani Icha in the name of honor, reported Dawn News.

The police arrived when they were burning her in the graveyard.

Upon inquiry, those present failed to provide satisfactory details about her death, the Pakistani newspaper

The body was later shifted to Taranda Muhammad Pannah Rural Health Centre for postmortem.

The FIR states that based on further investigation, it was found that the deceased had eloped with Allah Dewaya Chandia, of Mauza Malikpur, and had returned after the intervention of local dignitaries. When her family attempted to arrange her marriage with Muhammad Asif Gopang of Miyani Acha on May 10, she refused, Dawn News reported.

Police said the suspects will be arrested soon.