Manitoba’s healthcare system has eliminated the pandemic backlog for ultrasound testing

Representative image of Ultrasound by mick-haupt on Splash

Brandon (MB): Manitoba’s Health Minister Audrey Gordon announced today in a news release that the work of the Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force using a multi-pronged approach to build capacity in Manitoba’s health-care system has eliminated the pandemic backlog for ultrasound testing.

“The Diagnostic and Surgical Recovery Task Force is producing results that ensure Manitobans can get the care they need, when they need it,” said Gordon. “The median wait time for ultrasounds is now shorter than it was before the pandemic with more than one-third of sites providing scans meeting the wait time target of 8.5 weeks. This means more Manitobans can access this important diagnostic imaging tool more quickly.”

According to data 612 patients were waiting for an ultrasound as a result of the pandemic backlog in October 2022, but the updated data on Nov 2022 on the task force’s online dashboard, shows these procedures have been completed and the backlog is at zero.

The minister also noted Manitoba’s health-care workforce at various hospitals throughout the province has been supported by the task force in eliminating the ultrasound pandemic backlog by supporting strategic additions.

According to the latest available data the wait for ultrasounds has decreased to below pre-pandemic levels.

The minister added that the Manitoba government has committed $110 million this year to address surgical and diagnostic waitlists, to ensure Manitobans get the procedures they need sooner.

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