British Columbia selects Superintendent to advance new health legislation

BC Health. Image credit: Facebook page

CMEDIA: The Province of British Columbia (BC)’s the new Office of the Superintendent of Health Professions and Occupations Oversight will reportedly be led by Sherri Young

Besides overseeing the health colleges in B.C. that govern more than 120,000 regulated health professionals, the independent office will also ensure colleges continue to be transparent, accountable, and operating in the public interest.

Having most recently served as the public service commissioner in the Yukon for the past two years contributing to the establishment of a future health authority, and development of the human health resources strategy for the Yukon, Young brings significant experience to the role of superintendent.

Beginning her public service career in 2004 with the Government of Canada, Young spent 10 years in the Northwest Territories and Yukon with the departments of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, and Environment Canada.

Young joined the Yukon government as a senior leader in 2014 and has held assistant deputy minister positions with the departments of Environment, and of Highways and Public Works.

“The safety of people in B.C. is our top priority…ensuring they act in the public’s best interest…new superintendent’s office…help streamline the process…provide more consistent discipline to better protect patient care,” said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health.

Funded by government, the office will audit and oversee the colleges to ensure they are acting in the public interest, make recommendations for board appointments based on a merit- and competency-based process, and assess health professions to determine if they should be regulated.

Ahead of the legislation, the Ministry of Health has made progress by reducing the number of regulatory colleges with continuing work to amalgamate more colleges.