Bhutan Pavilion launched in COP28, fragile ecosystems remain in focus

Bhutan, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is hosting COP28.Photo Courtesy: Unsplash/Lucy M

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The Bhutan Pavilion was recently launched at the 28th Conference of Parties or COP28 in Dubai where the Himalayan nation showcased its commitments to addressing climate change and maintaining carbon neutrality.

Bhutan intervened along with Kyrgyzstan to have a technical dialogue on mountains and climate change at the current COP. A historic climate change-induced ‘loss and damage’ fund was also approved during the event, media reports said.

The pavilion themed ‘sustaining carbon neutrality’ will be showcasing Bhutan’s efforts in environmental conservation, as well as new emerging opportunities like carbon markets, The Bhutan Live News reported.

The pavilion will host 40 events during the next 10 days.

Issues ranging from water and food security to climate finance, and diversification of energy portfolio will be discussed.

Speaking at the plenary, Bhutan’s Head of Technical Negotiations to COP28, Karma Tshering told the news portal that there is more than adequate scientific evidence proving that fragile mountain ecosystems are extremely vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We are already witnessing irreversible damage due to the changing climate in the Himalayan mountain ecosystems and live in constant fear.

“Bhutan made an intervention along with Kyrgyzstan to have a technical dialogue on mountains. So this is also with our effort to bring mountains at the centre of discussions, and mountains being highly vulnerable to climate change,” Tashi Pem, the Director General of the Department of Environment and Climate Change, told the news portal.

This year, the United Arab Emirates is hosting the COP28 summit between 30 November and 12 December.