A critical alert about 2 suspects on loose was issued by RCMP following a homicide in Melville, Sask.

RCMP Saskatchewan Twitter page

A critical alert was issued by RCMP Wednesday at 10:35 a.m. CST looking for two suspects after a homicide in Melville, Sask.

The critical alert informed about a killing involving a gun in the city, located about 137 kilometers northeast of Regina.

The alert added police didn’t know where the two suspects were or where they were heading as the vehicle suspects were using as believed by the police was found abandoned on Highway 10 near Duff, about 21 kilometres southwest of Melville.

Hold and secure protocols had been implemented by Saskatchewan for both Melville Comprehensive School and Grayson School in nearby Grayson, the Good Spirit School Division, which operates 28 schools in the region.

The division reported recommending its other schools increase supervision and be extra diligent until further notice.

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