A Pakistani school without any teacher for past four months to educate students, locals protest

Pakistan. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The residents of  Ghar Shamozi area in Barang tehsil region of Pakistan recently staged a demonstration against lack of teachers in the local government middle school for boys.

They threatened to hold a massive demonstration outside the offices of education department if the issue was not addressed immediately, reported Dawn News.

The protesters claimed the lone middle school in the area is working without a teacher for the past four months.

 They told Dawn News that the number of sanctioned posts of teachers in the school was 10 as par the policy of education department.

The demonstrators alleged that they had never seen the sanctioned number of teachers in the school since its establishment a decade ago.

They said there had been only two teachers in the school since it was built.

They said the teachers have been absent from school since December 15.

They criticised the local politicians for not taking interest in the issue.