PM Modi silent on Sanjay Singh’s new reaction to Swati Maliwal assault charge against Kejriwal’s aide

Maliwal Charge. Photo courtesy: Screenshot grab from X post


New Delhi/IBNS-CMEDIA: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sanjay Singh cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘silence’ on a number of issues in his new response to the allegations of assault brought against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s aide Bibhav Kumar by party MP Swati Maliwal.

After Kejriwal ducked the question, Singh, a Rajya Sabha MP, said, “The entire country was in pain after seeing what happened in Manipur but PM Modi was silent on the issue. Prajwal Revanna raped thousands of women but PM Modi was asking for votes for Prajwal Revanna.

“When our wrestlers were protesting at Jantar Mantar, Swati Maliwal who was DCW chief was beaten up by Police…PM Modi remained silent on these issues. AAP is our family and has given a clear statement. BJP and PM Modi should answer all these issues that I mentioned…Politics should not be done on Swati Maliwal’s issue…”

Kumar has accompanied Kejriwal to Lucknow, where the AAP supremo will campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.

Singh called the incident “highly condemnable” and said Kejriwal, who has been on the receiving end of flak from rivals BJP since the news broke, “will take strict action”.

“A very distressing incident took place yesterday morning. Arvind Kejriwal had called Swati Maliwal for a meeting. She was waiting in the drawing room to meet him when Bibhav Kumar came in and misbehaved with her. After this, Ms Maliwal called the police and told them what happened,” Singh said.

“This is a condemnable incident. Arvind Kejriwal has taken cognisance and has said the strictest possible action should be taken…” Singh told reporters, “Swati Maliwal has done great work for the people and country, and is one of the party’s oldest and senior-most leaders. We stand with her and will deal with this issue seriously, as per Mr Kejriwal’s order. The AAP does not support such behavior.”

Maliwal has not yet commented on the incident.

BJP slams Kejriwal

Slamming Kejriwal and AAP, BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla posted on X, “72 hours No FIR on Bibhav Kumar instead Kejriwal is protecting him ! Roaming around with him.. It is clear- attack on Swati Maliwal was done at behest of Kejriwal himself “Sheesh Mahal is Apradh Mahal & just like Draupadi cheerharan – a woman Rajya Sabha MP was subjected to violence , assault.

“Now she is being pressured to keep. Silent or change her story as is evident from statements of Naveen Jaihind & Nitin Tyagi of AAP hence she hasn’t approached the police yet. True face of AAP – Anti women anarchist party.”