Manitoba to combat antisemitism by introducing mandatory holocaust education in its curriculum

Holocaust Remembrance Day. Image credit: UN/JC McIlwaine

Winnipeg/CMEDIA: The Manitoba government reportedly announced on Holocaust Remembrance Day  May 6 that it would introduce holocaust education in its curriculum to combat antisemitism.

“All students should learn about the Holocaust…cannot be divided by hatred. Teaching students about the history of antisemitism and the reality of the tragedy of the murder of six million Jewish people is more important…learning the lessons of history and strengthening inclusion in our province,” said Kinew.

To affirm the significant need to ensure every student in Manitoba is educated about the impacts of HolocaustIn, the province in partnership with the Jewish Heritage Centre has hired dedicated staff to develop new curriculum guidance on Holocaust education including implementation tools, supports and resources to be introduced in the 2024-25 school year. 

“Antisemitism and divisiveness have no place in our classrooms,…committed to an education system that upholds human rights and fosters understanding and unity in our province, and that starts in the classroom…teaches history, human rights and respects diversity,”   Early Childhood Learning Minister Nello Altomare said.

With a focus on increasing learners’ understanding and awareness of how contemporary antisemitism, racism and inequality issues are entrenched in history and knowledge, the kindergarten to Grade 11 mandatory social studies curriculum will be renewed in the 2024-25 school year

“Holocaust education is crucial not only for remembering the past but for safeguarding our future,” said Jeff Lieberman, chief executive officer, Jewish Federation of Winnipeg. “By learning about the horrors of the Holocaust, young people in Manitoba…to stand up against antisemitism and hatred in all its forms, ensuring that ‘never again’ is a promise kept for all generations.”

Being of enduring significance to Canadians and the world, the Holocaust imparts invaluable lessons to  collectively sharing a responsibility about protecting every individual’s human rights for the future, the premier added.

“Together, these actions move us toward our vision for education that, from every part of Manitoba, from every background, all children and youth matter, belong, are respected, successful and safe,” said Kinew.

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