2,211 children in Pakistan were abused in the period between Jan and June, claims NGO

Representational image of Pakistan Child Abuse

Lahore/IBNS: An NGO has claimed 2,211 children were abused in Pakistan in the period between January and June.

Sahil is working against child abuse in Pakistan.

In the year of 2022, January to June, ‘Cruel Number’ data reveals that 1,207 girls and 1,004 boys are victims of exploitation.

This data brings the number of abused children to more than 12 per day, reports The News International.

This year’s reported cases under major categories are abduction 803, rape 243, sodomy 298, gang rape 41, and gang sodomy 87.

As many as 17 boys and 13 girls have been murdered after being sexually abused.

There are more horrible incidents in which 2 boys and a girl were murdered after gang sodomy and rape, and 212 children were found missing.

There are 17 cases of early child marriage and 3 Vani cases, the newspaper reported.

The statistics shows that out of total 2,211 there are 1,050 cases where the abusers have acquaintance with victims or victim’s family, 409 cases are reported in which strangers are involved in abusing.

In the year of 2022, in the months of January to June there were 1961 incidents reported to police, 12 cases were not reported and 14 cases police did not register, the newspaper reported.