Toronto Police headquarters hoist Pride Flag on May 30, celebrate start of Pride Month

Pride flag hoisting. Image credit: Toronto Police Service

Toronto/CMEDIA: Pride Flag was reportedly hoisted May 30 at Toronto Police headquarters for the second straight year to celebrate the start of Pride Month.

Reiterating the service’s support, Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw celebrated its 2SLGBTQ+ members and the communities the organization serves against discrimination.

There was a 140 percent increase in reported hate crimes against this community between Jan and May 2024 compared to the same period last year.

“This has been a difficult year for the 2SLGBTQ+ community,” he said. “Let this Pride Flag be a symbol that hate and discrimination are not welcome in this city. The Toronto Police Service proudly stands up for equity deserving groups and we celebrate the vibrant diversity within our great city. The Service is listening and we are committed to ensuring progress continues on the recommendations of the Missing & Missed Report.”

Sharing his pride of the impact that the Gender Diverse and Trans Inclusion Project has had on the Service, the Chief said,

“Many great conversations have been underway and each day we move towards being a more Trans Inclusive police service,” he noted. “Our work, learning and our commitment to building strong relationships continues and we thank the community for their part in helping us in this journey. We are doubling down on our efforts of co-designing, co-developing and co-delivering equitable policing services.”

For the Service’s 2SLGBTQ+ Liaison Officer Constable Robert Chevalier, the flag signifies inclusion and love and said,

“There is a lot of hate in the world right now, but I see and feel a lot of love with us today and I hope that this love can be shared. Our community has always fought hate with love.”