Rishi Sunak criticised for his fashion sense by menswear expert days after Akshata Murty tops best-dressed list

Rishi Sunak. Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Rishi Sunak


Just two days after UK First Lady Akshata Murty won the best dressed list, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been slammed for his dressing sense by a US menswear expert, media reports said.

Derek Guy, a Californian based menswear blogger, has called his dressing style “20 years out of date”.

In a series of tweets, Derek says, “Baffling to me how the wealthiest UK prime minister in history could live just steps away from savile row, the single greatest concentration of skilled bespoke tailors, and end up paying $2k for a MTM suit with sleeves and trousers 2-4″ too short.”

“Some people suggest Sunak does this to make himself look taller (he’s 5’7″), but I don’t think this sort of pseudo-science holds water. Here are two men of different heights. Both are wearing clothes that simply fit them. Proportions are scaled to work on both frames.”

He adds, “When you look at the King of Spain (6’6″), he wears clothes with similar proportions. Trousers hit the shoe, the coat is halfway between the collar and floor, sleeves end where they should. In this way, his clothes don’t bring attention to his height; they are scaled to fit him.”

“If you are surprised Sunak is 5’7″, it’s because you only see him in photographs where he’s not standing next to someone, not bc of his bad tailoring. In the real world, it’s obvs when someone is shorter or taller than us, regardless if they wear short pants.”

Just days ago, Akshata, the daughter of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy, was crowned the best-dressed individual in Britain in 2023.

Akshata, 43, has often made headlines on stories for her fashion sense.