Beyond its glittering monuments, Uzbekistan emerges as an eco-tourism destination

Uzbekistan. The picturesque village of Imam-ota in Uzbekistan. Photo:

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IBNS-CMEDIA: In the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan, a country known for its dazzling architecture and rich history, is emerging as a promising eco-tourism destination.

Eco-tourism in Uzbekistan presents an opportunity to explore the country’s natural beauty while contributing to its sustainable development. As more travelers seek out eco-friendly travel options, Uzbekistan stands as a testament to the power of ecotourism to transform not just the landscape, but also the lives of the people who call it home.

One can get a taste of traditional nomadic life by staying a night or two in Tersak, Ovjasoy, Ertoshsoy, Katta Langar, Sina, Gelon and Nanay villages. Here one beholds the line where the earth meets the sky, harmony of silver-snow covering the environs with the golden lights of the sun.

Tersak village offers a unique blend of natural beauty, traditional culture, and warm hospitality, making it a must-visit destination in Uzbekistan. This is a charming village located in the Samarqand Region. Being near the mountain and waterfalls one may find it as a great location for hiking and walking tours.

Ovjasoy is a picturesque mountain village of Ohangaron district, located in the Sanam district, and its territory extends to the mountainous regions of Namangan region and northern Tajikistan. Visitors may enjoy blue mountain ranges surrounded by dark juniper forests. The area is known for its clean air, numerous springs, and wonderful flora and fauna.

Beauty of mountains enough to compete with Ovjasoy might be viewed in Ertoshsoy. Another village located in Ohangaron district, Koksaroy neighborhood. Ertosh village is located in the center of mountain formations connecting Tashkent and Namangan regions.

Another gem hidden in Uzbekistan is Katta Langar. Located at the foothills of the Zarafshan ridge, about 70 kilometers southward from Shakhrisabz, near beautiful Hissar mountains, offering opportunities for hiking and exploring.  The village’s location high up the Langar Valley provides for stunning views.

Heaven-like nature of Sina lures the tourists. Located in the peaceful surroundings of Surkhandarya, this village serves as a symbol of tranquility and a profound bond with the natural world. Tucked away in seclusion, surrounded by vast mountain vistas, it provides a haven of calm and unity for all who come to visit.

Surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Gissar Range, Gelon village is located 70 km from the city of Shakhrisabz, Kashkadarya region, located 384 km from Tashkent, in the south of Uzbekistan.

Gelon is included in the category of the most exotic and picturesque places in Uzbekistan. Far from civilization, this is a place where summer meets winter, and people still drink water from street gutters because it is spotlessly clean.

Transformed into an ecotourism center, Nanay village is home to many abandoned recreation areas that have not been used for decades.

From the steppe to the mountain, from the desert to the river valley, Uzbekistan’s diverse and dramatic terrain has shaped the country’s development. Beyond the urban areas, some of the best eco-tourism experiences in Central Asia can be found.