Ontario PCs heading for another majority win, suggests a new poll

Ottawa/CMEDIA:  Progressive Conservatives (PCs) are well on their way to another majority win in the upcoming Ontario provincial election according to a recent poll from Abacus Data.

After it surveyed 1,500 eligible voters, Abacus Data reportedly noted that Doug Ford-led PCs are holding a nine-point lead over the second-place and will likely form a majority government in June.

Abacus CEO David Coletto said in a tweet that Ontario PCs are open up a 9-point lead

38 percent of surveyed voters said they would vote for the PCs if the election were held now, compared to 29 percent for the Liberals, and 22 percent for the NDP.

Approximately one-in-five respondents were reported to say that they “definitely” want the incumbent Ford government re-elected.

Since the last Abacus poll in April, the PCs have also widened their lead and are up two points compared to the Liberals who are down three points.

Doug Ford still proves to be a polarizing figure by leading the three main party leaders with the most positive impressions among eligible voters and also leads Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca and New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Andrea Horwath.

Coletto also reportedly believes either leader could shift public perception if they perform well during the debates.

When voters heading into the election were asked by the poll, about their concerns about reducing the cost of living, voters chose the PCs as the party most suited to deal with the cost of living issues.

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