NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh harassed during an Ontario election campaign in Peterborough

Jagmeet Singh. Image credit: Twitter page of Jagmeet Singh

Peterborough/CMEDIA: The aggressive verbal harassment of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh outside a campaign event in Peterborough, Ont., was one of the most troubling experiences of his political career, Singh reportedly said.

Protesters accosted Singh on Tuesday before and after a rally at the campaign office of provincial NDP candidate Jen Deck. Social media videos showed protesters approaching Singh and shouting profanity in his face as he left the event.

Some followed Singh to his vehicle, where they continued to yell and hold up middle fingers just outside the passenger-side window. A day later in Ottawa, Singh was reported to say the incident reflects a worsening trend of aggression in Canadian politics.

“There were folks that were saying some really horrible things. Some folks were saying ‘I hope you die’ and things of that nature,” he told a news conference when asked about the incident. 

“We should be able to disagree as a society respectfully, maybe even angrily, but it doesn’t have to come to the point where it’s getting so polarized that people’s safety is at risk.”

Peterborough police reportedly reached out to Singh since there was no call for service made after the incident.

“It’s disheartening to hear as we know most residents are respectful & these few are not reflective of our community,” the police service wrote on Twitter.

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