Microsoft launches new AI weather service

Microsft. Image credit: Unsplash/En Hardie

A new feature (called Weather Trends) has been added by Microsoft Start to enable users AI-powered weather insights, based on 70 years of historical global weather data.

Offering weather information to millions of Windows 10 and 11 users every day, Microsoft Start’s Weather service also powers the weather information seen on Edge, Bing, and on the Bing and Microsoft Start mobile apps.

By recently adding a new feature Weather Trends page to Weather on Microsoft Start facilitating users to get insights based on historical weather data and also learn how their recent weather compares with the past by year, month, or even by day.

Weather Trends page allows users to get to know about historical averages and detailed records.

The Weather Trends page also offers visualization tools such as pie charts to make it easier to understand and compare the data.

This information can also be tuned for actual locations to make it more useful for users.

In addition to the Weather Trends page, Microsoft is working on new Climate Insights Engine by using the Earth’s climate history and Microsoft’s AI intelligence to identify and notify users of impactful weather trends at their specific location.

Microsoft Start’s Weather was determined to be the overall most accurate provider globally including the metrics of high temperature, low temperature, and wind speed, an independent study commissioned by Microsoft revealed.

The most accurate for probability of precipitation, and Wetter for sky cover was Foreca/Vaisala