BJP leading in ‘I look Indian’ social media trend, targets Congress over Sam Pitroda’s racial analogy

Sam Pitroda. Photo courtesy: Facebook/Nirmala Sitharaman/Sam Pitroda/Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi/IBNS-CMEDIA: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is leading the “I look Indian” trend on social media to target Congress over its now former Overseas chairperson Sam Pitroda’s racial analogy to classify Indians from different parts, amid the heated political discourse in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

After creating a political storm with his ‘diverse country’ remarks classifying Indians on the basis of their appearances, Congress veteran Sam Pitorda Wednesday resigned from his post as overseas chairman of the party.

The announcement about Pitroda quitting the party was made by party’s communications-in-charge Jairam Ramesh on X

“Mr. Sam Pitroda has decided to step down as Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress of his own accord. The Congress President has accepted his decision,” the post read.

Social media trend

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman posted on X, “I am from South India. I look Indian! My team has enthusiastic members from north east India. They look Indian! My colleagues from west India look Indian!

“But, for the racist who is the mentor of @RahulGandhi we all look African, Chinese, Arab and the White! Thanks for revealing your mindset and your attitude. I.N.D.I alliance’s shame!”

Assam Chief Minister and BJP leader, Himanta Biswa Sarma, posted on X, “Sam bhai, I am from the North East and I look like an Indian. We are a diverse country – we may look different but we are all one. Hamare desh ke bare mein thoda to samajh lo!”

Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annmalai posted, “Dear Sam Pitroda, I am a Dark-skinned Bharatiya!”

Actress Pranitha Subhash posted on X, “I am a South Indian ! And I look Indian #SamPitroda.”

Senior journalist Aditya Raj Kaul posted on X: “I am from Kashmir. I look like an Indian. Never in my life would I want to be called a white. Stop this racist ideology of hate. We are proud Indians. No matter where we come from in the country. Your myopic thinking is the reason India rejects you always.”

One user with X username The Kaur says, “I am a North Indian and I may look like white.”

What did Sam Pitroda say?

Days after triggering a row with his inheritance remark, Sam Pitroda has classified Indians and their looks regionally.

Speaking to The Statesman, Pitroda said, “… diverse country… where people on East look like Chinese, people on West look like Arab, people on North look like maybe White and people in South look like Africa.”

His comments were heavily criticised by the BJP leaders including PM Modi who attacked Rahul Gandhi, saying the country “won’t tolerate disrespect based on the colour of skin”.

Cashing in on Sam Pitroda’s comments ‘people in south look like Africans’,  PM Modi dared DMK chief MK Stalin to cut ties with its ally Congress.

Will MK Stalin “dare to cut ties with the Congress,” the Prime Minister questioned.

“They (the Congress) think people of northeast look like Chinese, South Indians look like Africans. I want to ask — will the people accept comments like this? I want to ask Siddaramaiah — is this ok? I want to ask the Telangana Chief Minister if he would accept. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who talks of Tamil culture. Will DMK have the courage to cut ties with the Congress for the sake of Tamil culture and heritage?” PM Modi said.

“The leaders of the Congress have divisive thoughts. The Congress mindset is to see the country in pieces. This is why the Congress leaders refuse to consider it one country and talk of division,” PM Modi said.

Congress distances itself

The Congress has distanced itself from Pitroda’s remark stating it does not reflect the standpoint of the grand old party, which has been out of party for 10 years now.

Congress communications-in-charge Jairam Ramesh posted on X, “Mr Pitroda expresses his opinions freely on issues he feels strongly about. Surely, in a democracy an individual is at liberty to discuss, express, and debate his personal views.

“This does not mean that Mr. Pitroda’s views always reflect the position of the Indian National Congress. Many times they do not. Sensationalising his comments now and tearing them out of context are deliberate and desperate attempts at diverting attention away from Mr. Narenda Modi’s malicious and mischievous election campaign; that is anchored ONLY in lies and more lies.”