Kabul residents say armed robberies have risen, direct Afghanistan’s Taliban Gov to ensure security

Armed Robbery Representational image by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash (1)

Kabul/CMEDIA: A spike in armed robberies in some parts of Afghanistan’s capital by irresponsible armed robbers has been criticised by some Kabul residents, directtng country’s Taliban government to ensure the security of the people,

“Everyone abuses the Islamic Emirate’s name and uniform. They stop the people wherever they want, they are responsible for the robberies,” Mohammad Zubair, a resident of Kabul, told Tolo News.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to ensure security; robberies and car theft should be reduced,” Javid, another resident of Kabul, told Tolo News.

This was the aftermath of some armed individuals wearing the uniform of Islamic Emirate forces who took away the former governor of Nuristan province, Mohammad Omar Shirzad‘s armored car five days ago in PD5 of Kabul, Shirzad was reported saying to the news portal.

“Last Monday at 1:30 pm several armed Taliban who identified themselves as the Taliban of PD 5 came to our house located in Khushal Khan Mina, in the fifth district, and took my armored car, for which I had a national security card,” Shirzad told Tolo News.

However, a rise in armed robberies in the city was denied by the security forces in the country.

More than 30 irresponsible armed individuals, they said have been arrested in the previous month.

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