Impact of Sustainable investments admited by over 90% of financial institutions, says FIS’s Global Innovations report

FIS. Image credit: IBNS

CMEDIA: ESG as a powerful tool has been recognized by Financial services firms worldwide to enhance competitiveness, attract increased investment, and foster sustainable development, according to Global Innovations Report (GIR) by FIS Global.

90% of financial services institutes acknowledged in the Global Innovations Report that the potential of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) to attract more investing opportunities.

By strengthening its technological capabilities, FIS is bolstering its ESG reporting and disclosures, empowering clients to access comprehensive and transparent ESG information.

89% of these firms investing in technology provide detailed ESG ratings for assets and securities, with FIS at the forefront of this movement by employing advanced technology to offer investors granular ESG ratings.

These ratings enable investors to make informed decisions and align their portfolios with their sustainability goals.

During the observation of World Environment Day on June, ESG investing has evidently emerged as a catalyst for positive change and sustainable growth.

This transformation is being championed by leading financial services firms and technology pioneers including FIS in propelling ESG investing to revolutionize the finance industry.

Embracing environmental, social, and governance factors facilitates the creation of a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future for all.

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