Indian Commission in Ottawa’s travel advisory for its diaspora in Canada amidst truckers’ protest

Canada's Truckers' protest. Image credit: Ottawa police Twitter handle

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Toronto/CMEDIA: High Commission of India Ottawa has issued an advisory for the Indian citizens in Canada and planning travel to Canada, Consulate General of India Toronto office news release reported.

 According to the release, Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and several other major cities including Toronto protests with road blockages, demonstrations, large gatherings, and general strikes have led to disruptions to traffic, public transportation, and shortages of essential items, including food and water.

As a result of the prevailing situation, the City of Ottawa has declared a state of emergency. Local authorities in other major cities of Canada may also impose curfews or other restrictions at short notice with the likelihood of continued impacts on traffic and services. 

Keeping in mind the ongoing situation, Indian citizens in Canada and those planning to visit Canada are hereby advised to exercise a high degree of caution and remain alert; avoid areas where demonstrations and large gatherings are taking place, such as downtown Ottawa; follow the instructions of local authorities, including curfews; and monitor local media for information on ongoing demonstrations and the evolving situation.

 Indian citizens in Canada are also encouraged to register with the High Commission of India in Ottawa or Consulates of India in Toronto and Vancouver through their websites, or the MADAD portal

Registration would enable the High Commission and the Consulates to better connect with Indian citizens in Canada in the event of an emergency.