Chinese authorities impose lockdown on seven monasteries, Reports says

China. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Chinese authorities have imposed a lockdown on seven monasteries that are situated along the two banks of eastern Tibet’s Drichu River in Kham Dege, media reports said.

The seven monasteries restricted by the lockdown, include Wontod, Yena, and Khardho monasteries on the east bank of the river in Dege, and Rabten, Gonsar, Tashi, and Pharok monasteries on the west bank of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), reported Phayul.

Entry and exit to the monasteries have been restricted.

Over February 22-23, more than 1,000 monks and local Tibetans were reportedly arrested following petitions and protests since February 14, urging authorities to halt a proposed construction of a massive dam project, reported Phayul.

According to reports, 40 monks have been released.

However, the majority of them remained under arrest.

The released individuals were primarily from Wontod Monastery, as reported by local Tibetan sources as quoted by Phayul.