Toronto temperature nears record-breaking territory with high of 13 C expected

Global Warming. Global air and ocean temperatures are reaching new record highs. Photo Courtesy: WMO/Eneko Perez

Toronto/CMEDIA: Toronto’s warmer-than-usual temperature scheduled for today would reportedly reach the double digits this afternoon.

Record-breaking territory with unseasonably warm weather would be reached at around 3 p.m., when the temperature is forecast to hit 13 C.

Only back in 1974 experienced the warmest March 4 on record when the temperature reached 13.3 C.

At least two decades-old temperature records were broken by Toronto last month : one on Feb. 9 when the mercury rose to 15.1 C breaking an 86-year old record, and again on Feb. 28 when it hit 16.1 C.

With the seasonal low of -7.2 C for March 4, temperatures are expected to drop into the evening with partly cloudy skies and a low of 6 C.

With temperatures forecast to hit 16 C on Tuesday with another warm early-March day will bring with it a chance of afternoon showers.