Canadian course records set by British Columbia runners at Boston Marathon

Boston Maratho. Twitter handles of Malindi Elmore & Trevor Hofbauer

Boston/CMEDIA: Canadian course records were set on Monday by two runners from British Columbia (B.C.) at the Boston Marathon.

Malindi Elmore, an Olympian, and mom from Kelowna, B.C., set the record for professional women by finishing in 11th place among women at the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:27:58 just four seconds ahead of the runner.

Elmore was reported to say that this was an achievement given it was the 50th anniversary of women being allowed to participate and added she has never experienced anything like it. The first race was in 1897, making it the world’s oldest.

Elmore has been to the Olympics twice, most recently placing ninth in the marathon in Tokyo in 2021.

During her previous trip to the Games in 2004 when she ran the 1500m, she finished 32nd.

The other player from the men’s side was Trevor Hofbauer from Burnaby (B.C.) who broke the record with a time of 2:10:52 and was placed 15th.

Hofbauer, who also competed for Canada in the Tokyo Olympic Games, was the Canadian marathon champion in both 2019 and 2017, and the Canadian half-marathon champion in 2018.