Canada’s PM, MPs paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth during the House of Commons event

Canada Pays Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II Twitter handle of Helen Pugh

Tribute was paid to Queen Elizabeth II in the House of Commons today by the prime minister and opposition leaders in recognition of her dedication to service and recognizing the sense of loss many Canadians feel after her death.

“Last week, Canada lost the only sovereign that most of us have ever known,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reported telling the House. “It’s important to take these moments, here in Parliament and across the country, to recognize the service and the leadership that she offered.” 

The prime minister said that the advice that she gave him during their conversation was beneficial to Canadians on a range of issues.

Describing her as the bedrock upon which Canada’s democracy and Constitution rested, Trudeau said Canada enjoyed an era of prosperity and peace under Queen Elizabeth II.

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