Toronto records warmest temperature in 86 years during this time

Toronto weather. Representative image of Toronto/ courtesy: Pixabay

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Toronto/CMEDIA: Toronto broke an 86-year-old weather record as Toronto’s temperatures Friday are expected to keep hiking.

The current temperature at Toronto Pearson International Airport is 11.4 C compared to the previous record of 10.6 C in 1938.

Toronto’s Friday forecast said that the city will continue to warm up to a high of 13 C for at least a few hours before the weekend.

Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada, said that Toronto City weather records have been kept since 1841. These records show the warmest Feb 9 ever recorded was 10 C which confirms that Friday’s temperature effectively breaks a 183-year-old record as well.

Friday’s relatively warm weather would also be accompanied by a mix of sun and clouds forecasting a risk of isolated showers in the afternoon.

Being mainly cloudy, Saturday will reportedly experience a chance of morning and midday showers and a high of 10C.

But on Sunday, temperatures will pull back to 3 C followed by a chance of isolated flurries early next week.