Toronto pilot program’s 20 parks to allow driking alcohol to visitors, residents subject to rules

Personal alcohol consumtion in Toronto Parks pilot project. Representational image by Jamie Street on unsplash

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Toronto: Economic and Community Development Committee (ECDC) of the City of Toronto will reportedly consider on July 6 a pilot program to allow residents and visitors to drink alcohol in 20 parks, the list available on the City’s website.

The review by ECDC on July 6 would be followed by the recommendations by the Council at its meeting from July 19 to 21.

Aug 2 through Oct 9, people ages 19 and older would be allowed to responsibly consume alcohol in 20 City parks subject to the confirmation in consultation with local Councillors.

Based on public health guidance, public safety and operational considerations, park users would be expected to follow all applicable legislation, including: sell or serve liquor in any park that needs a permit and licence; compliance with the provincial Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 in exluding people under 19, non-pilot parks excluded.

Throughout the pilot project, bylaw enforcement officers would reportedly first educate people about park rules and City bylaws in all City parks to enhance public awareness and achieve compliance.

Bylaw enforcement officers will continue to visit parks as part of their regular duties to address park complaints and investigate matters posing risks to public health and safety.

Working with Toronto Public Health, the city will share information about safe alcohol consumption, the most commonly used psychoactive substance in Canada.

Information on health risks associated with alcohol and safer drinking tips are available on the City’s Alcohol & Other Drugs webpage.