Toronto Pearson International Airport experiences chaos as travelers wait in massive security lines

Toronto/CMEDIA: People flying out of Toronto Pearson International Airport experience longer-than-expected wait times at security checkpoints to get onto their flights

Being warned about delays getting through security, Airport spokesperson Tori Gass said in a statement Monday passengers need to “pack their patience” and arrive early at Toronto Pearson.

“CATSA’s screening contractors are not immune to the recruitment and retention challenges experienced by the broader commercial aviation industry,” the CATSA said in a statement. 

“Prior to the pandemic, resources could be cross-utilized more efficiently between the transborder and domestic and international checkpoints due to staggered passenger peaks,” the CATSA said.

“As air travel recovers we are observing simultaneous peaks, which can result in passengers flooding more than one security checkpoint at a time, making the redistribution of resources to address these passenger volumes more challenging.”

The passengers are also opting for more carry-on bags, said CATSA, which means longer processing times for travelers at security checkpoints.

NDP MP Matthew Green reportedly said while traveling through Toronto Pearson on Monday morning on his way back to Ottawa, he experienced “an absolute gong show.”

“Line up into the gate is at least 500-plus deep,” Green wrote on Twitter. “There is no way I’m making this 8:10 Air Canada flight.”

Gass said in the statement employees in the terminals are “doing their best” to process passengers through security.

“We kindly ask passengers to treat employees with respect,” she said.

According to Toronto Pearson’s website, passengers flying domestically should arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their flight, whereas for those traveling internationally, passengers are recommended to arrive at least three hours before their scheduled departure time.

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