Toronto launches waste reduction program for businesses to achieve Net Zero Strategy

Image: Waste Reduction Program. Image credit: Twitter handle of Campus Race to Zero Waste

Toronto/CMEDIA: A new program Reduce WasteTO program – Reducing Single-Use was launched by the city of Toronto on June 13 to address single-use waste in its first stage of Single-Use and Takeaway Items Reduction Strategy.

Businesses in the city would be provided through this program, with examples of simple actions that they can take to eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items.

Any product designed to be used only once is called a single-use or the takeaway item, which is then disposed of in the garbage, Blue Bin (recycling), or Green Bin (organics).

These items are not designed for durability or reuse and require valuable resources and energy to be produced, collected, and disposed of. They often end up in landfills or as litter, which can pose risks to the environment, animals, and people.

The City’s TransformTO Net Zero Strategy and Long Term Waste Management Strategy, which sets aspirational goals of a zero waste future and moving towards a circular economy in Toronto are supported by the Reducing Single-Use program.

All Toronto businesses are encouraged to find out what they can do to help reduce the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items in their operations by visiting the City’s Reducing Single-Use & Takeaway Items webpage 

“We know single-use items are a problem. This waste reduction program for businesses works to address plastics and other single-use items…to voluntarily reduce the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items…thank all of the businesses across Toronto that are already taking action to reduce their single-use waste,” Toronto Mayor John Tory said in a news release.

Businesses already taking the initiative to reduce their waste from single-use and takeaway items are encouraged to share success stories and innovative business solutions by completing the City’s new online survey to included in the first edition of the online directory to let residents know where they can connect businesses with service providers that will help them reduce single-use waste.

“The Reducing Single-Use program…builds on the momentum of public support heard during the City’s consultations on single-use and takeaway items…and will continue to seek feedback on how to enhance available resources, ” Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park), Chair of the Infrastructure and Environment Committee said in the news release.

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