Canada announces suspension of vaccine mandates for domestic travelers, federal employees

Image: Suspension of Vaccine mandates. Image credit: Twitter handle of Rida K Mizra

Ottawa/CMEDIA: An announcement was reportedly made on June 14 by the federal government of Canada regarding the suspension of vaccine mandates for federal employees and for passengers wishing to board a plane or train in Canada.

This announcement would imply that federal employees and transportation workers in federally regulated sectors will no longer be required to be fully vaccinated as a condition of their work.

Those employees on unpaid administrative leave because of their vaccination status would also be invited to return to work.

Starting June 20, travelers in Canada will no longer be required to be vaccinated.

But those Canadian citizens who enter the country from abroad will still be required to be fully vaccinated, or meet the requirements of an exemption, and include mandatory masks for those boarding planes or trains in Canada.

Vaccine mandates and adherence to strict public health measures for cruise ship passengers and crews will still remain in place.

The federal government’s relaxation of some public health measures has reportedly been in response to pressure from opposition parties and industry organizations due to delays and long lineups at airports.

But Omar Alghabra, Canada’s Transport Minister reportedly said that the changes to vaccine mandates are not a response to congestion at Canada’s airports but are motivated by health advice and the effect mandates and vaccination policies have had on previous COVID-19 waves.

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