Sam Altman, Open AI CEO marries partner Oliver Mulherin: Reports

Sam Altman. Photo Courtesy: @heyBarsee X page

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IBNS: In a seaside ceremony, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently married his partner Oliver Mulherin, media reports said.

Altman, 38, confirmed the news in a text to NBC News after photos of the wedding began circulating on social media Thursday (January 11, 2024).

In the viral images, Sam and Oliver could be seen exchanging wedding vows during an intimate ceremony.

Who is Oliver Mulherin?

Oliver Mulherin is reportedly an Australian software engineer.

Last year, Altman and Mulherin attended a state dinner at the White House that President Joe Biden hosted for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reports NBC News.

Why Sam Altman was making headlines in recent months?

Sam Altman was recently sacked as the CEO of AI startup OpenAI. Within a span of five days, he was rehired by the firm after the board reached an agreement with him.

He shot to fame with the launch of  ChatGPT platform.