Shri Thanedar, Indian-American Congressman condemns recent attacks on Hindu temple in US

Shri Thanedar. Photo Courtesy: Shri Thanedar X page

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IBNS: Indian-American Congressman Shri Thanedar on Wednesday said incidents like the recent attacks on the Hindu temple should not be tolerated.

“We should not tolerate any kind of phobia, Hindu phobia. The religions are about love, helping each other and doing good things for each other. And these attacks on Hindu temples–I strongly condemn them and we must not tolerate that. I serve on the Homeland Security Committee and I am speaking with my committee members about helping religious organisations do better ability. Provide them the funds and resources they need to protect the religious organisations and help them fight any kind of Hindu phobia, any kind of hatred that we see,” Thanedar told ANI.

Speaking with ANI at the ‘Ramayana across Asia and Beyond’ event at the US Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Thanedar also weighed in on the opening of Ram Mandir on January 22, terming it as ‘historic’.

He said the construction of Ram Temple is a proud moment for Indians.

“I think it means a lot. It’s historic and it’s a pride for every Indian to see that temple built. I have seen pictures of it and they are spectacular. Through the Ramayana epic, we bring people together. This is a cultural bond that we have with likeminded people and now we see Ramayana has been appreciated all over the Asia-Pacific region with 15 different countries. It is practiced and the Ramayana brings it to us. It’s more than epic. It is the value system. I grew up in a Hindu family, studying Ramayana and singing verses from Ramayana. So that is just a second nature to me,” the politician said.

Thailand’s ambassador to the US Tanee Sangrat described the opening of the Ram Temple in India as a ‘delight’ for the people of many countries.

“It is the delight of people not only in Thailand but with many countries across Southeast Asia and across Asia Pacific that our common culture is being celebrated and the coming home of the Rama,” the Thai envoy told ANI.

Hindu temple in the United States’ Newark was defaced with a pro-Khalistani remark this month.

The incident happened at Sherawali Temple in Newark, California.

In December last year, the Swaminarayan Temple in Newark was defaced with Khalistani slogans.

The graffiti also mentioned slain Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s name on the walls.

India had strongly condemned the incident of the defacing of SMVS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir at Newark, California, with anti-India graffiti, saying “it has hurt the sentiments of the Indian community”.