Quebec facing spread of viruses, thousands of students miss class

Representative image of viruses, Image credit Unsplash-CDC

Quebec: There has reportedly been a jump in absences of Quebec students in recent weeks with approximately 4,000 Quebec students missing classes during the week of Oct. 12 due to illness.

Absences attributed to COVID-19 are difficult to measure, Martin Auger, the principal of École Jean-XXIII in Quebec City was reported saying because other viruses, such as influenza, gastroenteritis, and the respiratory syncytial virus are also spreading.

He added that it is the responsibility of parents for testing for COVID-19 and keeping their children at home.

Dr. Donald Vinh, an infectious diseases specialist from the McGill University Health Centre reported saying that he is also worried about the resurgence of COVID-19, combined with other viruses, as temperatures drop and recommends both adults and children be up to date with their vaccinations.

Vinh added that things can be better by masking when necessary and installing air purifiers in as many classrooms as possible.

A booster dose five months after receiving the last COVID-19 vaccination is recommended by the Quebec government,

Booster doses are unavailable for children under five.

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