Pakistan minor girl with burn injuries suffers in pain following admission refusal by four hospitals

Pakistan Minor Girl. Image credit Pixaby

Islamabad/IBNS: In a show of callousness, a  two-year-old girl, who is suffering from 35 percent burns, was refused admission by Punjab’s four teaching hospitals.

One of the hospitals was located in Lahore city.

The girl was forced to cry in pain for the entire night after she was refused admission by the hospitals.

Aliza was brought by her father from Okara to Lahore on Monday night with severe burns on various body parts, reports Dawn News.

The girl reportedly suffered injuries after she fell into boiled water while playing at her home in Okara.

The girl’s father argued with the duty doctors that the distance between Okara and Lahore was of nearly three hours and it would be highly painful for him to take her crying minor daughter to the provincial capital and requested them to admit her for at least a couple of days.

“My all requests were turned down and they discharged my daughter,” Abdul Waheed told Dawn.

He said he arranged a van on rent and took her daughter to the Mayo Hospital, Lahore, late on Monday where the doctors refused to admit her.

“It stunned me when the doctors at the emergency ward scolded me when I argued why are you denying admission to my daughter”, Waheed said.

He said one of the doctors called the guard and asked him to show him (Abdul Waheed) the door for arguing with the medics.

“I immediately rushed her to the Children’s Hospital,” he said adding that the staff there also refused to admit her and then he took her to the Jinnah Hospital.

“As I reached the emergency department of the Jinnah Hospital, the staff and the doctors again treated me harshly saying the hospital has no policy to admit minor children,” he said.

Waheed said he called the staff out and threatened to take ‘extreme steps’ for refusing admission to his daughter.