Pickering’s Haunting of Hexwood Event gets Cancelled

Haunting of Hexwood Event. Image credit: Website

Pickering, ON: Concern was expressed recently by the City of Pickering regarding the Haunting of Hexwood event scheduled for Oct 6 – 31st at the William F. White Backlot located at 3800 Sideline 32 was unable to proceed as planned.

Demanding greater preparation to the public and enable public access  to the conventional venueHexwood’s unique location, additional safety measures had to be implemented . For this reason, with consultation with appropriate experts and engineers, the team of the Haunting of Hexwood event  has been working tirelessly in collaboration with the city of Pickering particularly in fire prevention.

In spite of the initial announcement of event cancellation, the city hopes for a potential path forward in making this vision a reality and will updated as soon as more information becomes available.