PEERS empowers pathways to employment, removes barriers to at risk of homelessness

B.C. employment. Image credit: Unsplash

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Vancouver/CMEDIA: British Columbia (B.C.)’s Pathways to Engagement and Employment Readiness (PEERS) program and the service it provides opening alternate routes to employment for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness would reportedly benefit more than 300 people in B.C., said a news release.

Nearly $3.7 million has been invested in this program by the Government of Canada and its Skills for Success program.

“This innovative project will provide crucial skills training and support…empowering them to better participate and succeed in B.C.’s growing workforce…Through our Skills for Success Program and partnerships with provinces and territories…build a stronger and more resilient workforce across Canada,” said Randy Boissonnault, federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages.

“PEERS is breaking down barriers…to move toward employment while contributing to their community and seizing the opportunities in B.C.’s growing economy,” said Selina Robinson, B.C.’s Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

Besides providing Informal and flexible work placements in a safe and welcoming environment, PEERS programs also facilitate participants in peer-engagement, undertaking a variety of jobs or tasks to benefit vulnerable community members while receiving an income or income support.  

Supported by a provincial investment of $480 million over three years, StrongerBC: Future Ready Action Plan not only expands skills training for employment programs for individuals facing barriers, makes post-secondary education and skills training more affordable, accessible, responsive and relevant but also responds to the biggest challenge of the need for skilled, trained and talented people.