Bollywood veteran Saira Banu pays homage to Naseem Banu on Mother’s Day

Saira Banu. Saira Banu with mother Naseem Banu, Photo Courtesy: Saira Banu Instagram page

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IBNS-CMEDIA: Bollywood veteran Sairan Banu on Sunday wished her mother Naseem Banu on Mother’s Day and remembered how she influenced her career and life.

In a long Instagram post, Saira Banu, who was one of the most popular actors of her time, shared several images with her mother.

She mentioned the way her mother took on the responsibility of being the family’s caretaker at the age of 16.

“At a young age of 16 my mother had to take on the stance of the family’s mantle bearer and that went on throughout her life. She did a splendid job all around and educated my brother and I in London day schools and we came back to Bombay after I finished school and wanted to do films instead of study further. She insisted always on our ‘Desi Roots’ we travelled the world but the chunk of our holidays were spent in Bombay and Delhi to vibe with our own traditions,” she said.

Saira Banu said Naseem revolutionised her make-up with the help of make-up Dada Dinu Indulkar.

She said: “Naseemji revolutionised my make-up with the help of make-up Dada Dinu Indulkar as early as “SAAZ AUR AAWAZ” (1966) experimented with Blue Contact Lenses for me and fantastic eye-make-up trends. For a dream sequence in the same film she went to the extremes of finding the right glamorous fabrics and beautiful feathers from the famous ‘Lido Shows’ of Paris, France. As we go on Instagram I want to share bit by bit all about her endeavours and brilliance because her Charisma cannot be contained even in a detailed book. I shall endeavour to acquaint you all of her extreme toils and successes at shaping our lives with the grace of God.”