Pakistani officials arrest key ‘human trafficker’ in Greece boat tragedy

Greece. Image credit: Wallpaper cave

IBNS: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has claimed it has arrested a key human trafficker from Sheikhupura in connection with the Greece boat tragedy which left 78 people, including Pakistanis, killed.

The arrested person was allegedly involved in sending people abroad.

Taking action on a tip-off, the investigation agency apprehended the key suspect, Talha Shahzaib, from Sheikhupura. He had received Rs6.5 million from Zahid Akbar resident of Farooqabad for sending him abroad, reports Geo News.

The move was made hours after  Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif ordered an immediate crackdown on agents engaged in the human trafficking, saying they would be “severely punished”.

The alleged human trafficker sent Akbar to his uncle residing in Libya, said the FIA officials, adding that his parents live in Italy, reports Geo News.

Meanwhile, another “human trafficker” involved in sending people abroad illegally was taken into custody in Wazirabad, confirmed the FIA spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that FIA’s anti-trafficking circle Gujrat arrested an “agent” Shabbir on the request of families of the boot victims, reports the Pakistani news channel.

The official further said that the “agent” had received hefty amount for sending the people abroad.