Over 700,000 Canadians traveled internationally in December despite the surge of Omicron

International travelers. Image credit: Pixaby

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Toronto /CMEDIA: Despite the advisory of the federal government not to travel outside of Canada amid surging COVID-19 cases taking effect midway through December, the international travel seen last month from Canada was a nearly eight-fold increase from December 2020.

In response to rising Omricorn-driven COVID-19 cases, the federal government issued an advisory on Dec 15 urging Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of the country. Testing requirements at the border were also tightened on Dec. 21 by the federal government mandating travelers entering Canada present a negative molecular test result, regardless of trip length or vaccination status.

According to the data collected by the Canada Border Services Agency and the Public Health Agency of Canada, nearly 742,400 Canadians flew back into the country through Canadian airports in December.

The highest volume of travel into Canada was during the week of Dec. 27 to Jan. 2, right after Christmas.

215,665 Canadian citizens returned to Canada by air last week