Ontario Premier Doug Ford to create a bigger, more diverse cabinet

Image: Doug Ford. Image credit: video grab

CMEDIA/According to the Progressive Conservative insiders’ report, Ontario Premier Doug Ford will create a larger and more diverse cabinet to put his own stamp on government more firmly than he did four years ago.

In the wake of his re-election to a second term, Ford’s foremost job of forming form a cabinet with a larger number of PC MPPs, most of whom have at least served for four years at Queen’s Park gives Ford an opportunity to appoint a larger cabinet with more balanced regional, ethnic and gender representation.

A date for the swearing-in cabinet has not yet been named, though there reportedly have been some reports it will happen soon.

Some government officials had said that the swearing-in cabinet is not imminent and will likely not take place until the latter part of June.

Discussions about the timeline for calling back the Legislature, delivering a throne speech,  and tabling the budget are ongoing.

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