Ontario introduces Working for Workers Act, 2022 to promote workers, and their families

Ontario workers. Image credit: Unsplash

The Ontario government would introduce today the Working for Workers Act, 2022 that if passed, would deliver better protections, bigger paycheques, and greater opportunities for workers and their families, a news release reported today.

The new legislation if passed would establish foundational rights and protections for digital platform workers who provide ride-share, delivery, or courier services in guaranteeing them a minimum wage, protection of their tips, the resolution of disputes in Ontario, and protection from reprisals. 

Ontario’s historic labor shortage, the largest in a generation would be tackled by ensuring out-of-province workers can register in their regulated profession or trade within 30 days to help them find jobs in their field faster so they can contribute to driving Ontario’s economic growth.

Require greater transparency and address privacy concerns on electronic devices like computers, cell phones, and GPS systems are being monitored.

Provision of a naloxone kit in workplaces where overdoses are a potential hazard to reduce the risk of death caused by opioid overdoses.

The implication of maximum fines to businesses for not following health and safety laws

Expand military reservist leave from six to three months.

Clarify the treatment of many IT and business consultants under the Employment Standards Act about their obligations under the Act when engaging them.

Barriers in the provision of traditional Chinese medicine to be reduced while ensuring consumer protection in the delivery of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture services.

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