NIFF focuses on independent cinema in 9th edition, special focus on European filmmakers

NIFF. Italian actress Paola Bonacina | Photo courtesy: PR Team

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IBNS-CMEDIA: The NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF)’s 9th edition set to showcase independent cinema from across the world with a special focus on European filmmakers.

Turned out as a prominent platform for independent cinema, the festival has garnered popularity among European filmmakers and even has a sister festival in Vienna, Austria.

Honouring Contributions to Cinema

This year, the festival is recognizing the contributions of Gautam Ghosh, Anjan Bose, Rituparna Sengupta, and Sudeshna Roy to the world of cinema. Their achievements will be celebrated during the event.

Premiere of Autumn Narcissus

The festival’s showstopper is the premiere of the short film Autumn Narcissus, featuring acclaimed Italian actress Paola Bonacina as the lead protagonist.

In Frame: Italian actress Paola Bonacina | Photo courtesy: PR TeamIn Frame: Italian actress Paola Bonacina | Photo courtesy: PR Team

Paola is also starring in the Bengali/Italian dual-language feature film Grasaan/Grief of the Sun, produced in collaboration with famous Italian actor/director Roger Fratter.

Expansion and New Initiatives

Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar (SRS), the founder of NEZ International Film Festival, is expanding the festival’s reach with editions in America, Italy, and the upcoming destination in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Additionally, SRS is launching the NEZ Magic Lantern film festival and the OTT platform Magic Room, offering a diverse range of content.

Overall, the NEZ International Film Festival continues to grow in stature, honoring cinematic talent and promoting cultural exchange through independent filmmaking.