Canada PM Trudeau challenges premiers to suggest a better climate action plan to federal levy

Justin Trudeau. Image credit: X/@JustinTrudeau

CMEDIA: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has published a formal response to Canadian premiers opposed to the carbon tax policy urging them to come up with a better climate action plan.

Trudeau’s letter to the premiers comes after more than 100 economists signed an open letter defending the carbon tax policy.

“Putting a price on pollution is the foundation of any serious plan to fight climate change. It is the most efficient way to reduce emissions across the economy,” Trudeau wrote in two-page message, “Carbon pricing alone will account for one third of our emission reductions by 2030.”

Currently in effect since 2019, in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador  the federal pollution pricing applies a levy on greenhouse gas emissions, making it more expensive to burn fossil fuels with effort to encourage Canadians to change their habits.

Trudeau said Canada Carbon Rebate, allows Canadian families to expect more money in their bank accounts on a quarterly basis depending on the increase in price on pollution.

Rebates are about to go up,” he said, citing the increase to the reimbursement amount households receive.

The premiers of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Alberta have been invited to speak to the Conservative-chaired Government Operations Committee.