Every performance gives me an opportunity to assess my audIence: Aditi Singh Sharma

Image: Aditi Singh Sharma. Image credit: Vibrant Brampton

An Interview with Aditi Singh Sharma, Playback Singer, Bollywood By Staff Rep

Aditi Singh Sharma, a renowned playback singer from Bollywood will be performing at the Vibrant
Brampton festival, the largest South Asian Arts and Heritage festival in the Greater Toronto
Area (GTA)
, organized by ACISA and presented by TD Bank, on July 22-23, 2022 at Garden
Square, 12 Main Street North, Brampton.

The artist has several hit Bollywood songs to her credit, many of them chartbusters including “Dhoom Machale Dhoom” from the film “Dhoom 3” starrIng Katrina Kaif and Amir Khan, “Golmaal Again” filmed by Kareena Kapoor, “Offo” by 2 States featuring Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor, “Veere DI Wedding”, “Total Dhamaal”, “ BefIkre” and scores of other Bollywood hIts.

In an interview with our staff reporter, the musician talks of her dedication to music, her inspiration and her creative process when she writes music.

Given below is the excerpt:

Q. What inspires you as a singer?

Music Itself inspires me.. It feels amazing just listening to good music, but when I get to work on
somethIng, It has an added sense of responsibility. Wanting to do my job to the best of my
ability always keeps me working hard and getting such love from the audience always keeps me

Q. Do events like Vibrant Brampton (VB) help you In assessing your audience’s new developing taste of musIc and ImprovIse accordIng to that?

Every performance gives me an opportunity to assess my audIence – what they enjoy more or
less, but audIences everywhere are dIfferent and have different tastes. I always try to
improvIse on stage and try my best that everyone goes home wIth theIr hearts full of love and
good music.

Q. How does It feel to connect to your community in events like VB 2022?

It feels amazing to connect to my people .. people who love my songs for years and sometimes even those who may not have heard as many of my songs but enjoy the performance or a part of it so much that they go back home and listen to all my other songs and become more connected.

Q. Describe your creative process when you write new music.

Since I have always performed wIth a band and have always been surrounded by musicians on and offstage, for me wrItIng or revampIng musIc whIle jammIng wIth my bandmates comes very naturally. I also practice on my own whIle filming for my #ADTunplugged vIdeos on socIal medIa, and sometimes come up wIth somethIng new whIle practicing.

Q. What has been the highlight of your career?

I have been very blessed to have a career of so many years wIth more than 50 Bollywood fIlm songs and thousands of stage shows around the world. I have had many highlights – having worked wIth so many of my favorite artists, the IIFA Awards performance wIth Pritam and Arijit Singh whIch people still talk about today even after so many years. Special moments of sharing the stage wIth Shah Rukh Khan at Award ceremonies, shootIng wIth Ranbir Kapoor In the film Rockstar, sharIng the same stage wIth Bryan Adams in Bengaluru, having sung such amazIng songs in so many movies .. the list is endless.

Q. What Is your favorite line from any of your recent songs?

My latest song Seher (OM) has very heartfelt lyrIcs. A few lInes I loved are –
Tere lIye main mar jaaun
Toh ho jaaun main adaa
Sholon mein bhi utar jaaun
Toh ehsaas na ho zara

Q. Who would you like to collaborate wIth as there are many new talents In the Industry now?

Since the day I started working, it has always been my wish to collaborate wIth every artist possible. I have had the privilege of working wIth almost everyone, but I am still waiting to sing for AR Rahman, and I would also like to work wIth every artist I have not worked with.

Q. Do you have any messages for your fans?

I still cannot believe that a young girl with only a heart full of dreams could come this far, It is only because of your incredible love and support over the years – thank you!! Over 150 artists will perform at the largest South Asian Arts & Heritage Festival in the GTA.

For more information, visit www.vibrantbrampton.ca.