End of truckers’ protest around Parliament Hill not predictable, says Police chief

Image: Parliament Hill protest by truckers. Image credit: Video screenshot

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Ottawa/IBNS: Ottawa residents are frustrated with six days into a protest around Parliament Hill and Ottawa police saying that there is no clear way to end it.

“I can’t give you a definitive, ‘It’s one day, it’s two days. It’s one week, it’s two weeks,'” police Chief Peter Sloly told council members during a public briefing Wednesday afternoon.
He reportedly explained that this protest is more than a local event but provincial and national in scope and the demands being made by the protesters are political and are not any police chief’s purview and reportedly added that the longer this goes on, the more he is convinced there may not be a police solution to this demonstration.

Although the number of protesters has shrunk from thousands to hundreds last weekend, those remaining there with their vehicles on downtown streets reportedly seemed determined to stay until they get what they want.

On top of that this weekend it is expected protest reinforcements would come to town and crowds in the downtown would again grow.