Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission carefully monitoring the nuclear facilities in Ukraine

International Atomic Energy Agency. Image credit: Twitter handle

Ottawa/CmediaCanadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) said in a statement that as Canada’s Nuclear Regulator that it is currently in a state of enhanced monitoring the events at nuclear facilities in Ukraine and is working with our federal partners to support the Canadian Government response.

CNSC also noted that there is no immediate radiological threat to the regions surrounding these facilities or to Canadians and added

“However, we support Canada’s status as a member state to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and share in their grave concern regarding the ongoing situation and the risk to nuclear facilities.

The IAEA is currently working on solutions to prevent threats to these nuclear facilities. The CNSC staff with knowledge of the reactor technologies has offered its assistance on nuclear safety to the IAEA and the Ukrainian Regulator.

“As the situation continues to unfold, we will work closely with our federal and international counterparts to provide this advice and expertise where needed. The IAEA is closely monitoring developments relating to nuclear facilities in the region, in line with its international mandate, and continues to provide regular updates on the matter,” said CNSC in a statement.