Canada PM Trudeau leaves for Iceland to meet Nordic leaders ahead of upcoming NATO summit

Trudeau leaves for Iceland. Image credit: Twitter @suzannealma

Ottawa/CMEDIA: Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reportedly left for Iceland to meet with Nordic leaders ahead of an upcoming NATO summit, amid Arctic uncertainty.

Over the next two days there would be an annual gathering of Nordic prime ministers in Iceland, which would reportedly host leaders from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway to discuss “societal resilience” in the meeting.

Also attending this meeting would be leaders from Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the Åland Islands.

Appearing as a guest in the meeting, Trudeau’s aim is to advance common interests with the Nordic nations, including protecting the environment and developing clean energy to tackle security challenges.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Nordic countries, including Canada and the United States had paused working with Arctic Council

NATO has been paying increasing attention to the Arctic in light of aggression from both Russia and China.

Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway have all voiced support for Ukraine since Russia launched its attack.

Home to the largest number of Icelandic immigrants and descendants outside that country, Canada shares with Iceland interest in security, trade interests with the five Nordic countries, with two-way trade totalling roughly $13 billion last year, development of carbon capture and storage technology and ocean protection.

Trudeau’s visit follows Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson’s recent visit to Canada, where the two discussed co-operation in green energy, ocean technology and aquaculture.

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