Another COVID wave is expected for the fall: top Ont. science adviser

Covid-19 infection. Image credit: Twitter handle

Ontario/CMEDIA: An expected, but likely different, COVID-19 wave is expected for this fall, the scientific director of Ontario’s Science Advisory Table, Dr. Peter Juni is reported to say.

Canadians 50 and older will need to get another booster shot at that time to protect themselves from a serious infection that would require hospitalization, Juni said

Canada’s provinces and territories have loosened many of their pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates, in recent months.

It was also announced by the federal government on Friday that it would ease a number of travel restrictions starting Monday for those who are fully vaccinated and children regardless of their vaccination status.

Children ages five to 11 , who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, and accompanied by a fully vaccinated parent or guardian, will not have to complete a pre-entry COVID-19 test to enter Canada

But eligible partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers ages 12 and older, will still be required for Pre-entry tests for, while children under five are exempt from providing a negative test.

it is still an reuirement for passengers to wear a mask throughout their entire journey when travelling by air or rail in Canada.

Travellers are also required to use the ArriveCAN app or webpage to provide their contact info and proof of vaccination within 72 hours of arriving in Canada or before boarding an incoming plane or cruise ship.

Juni says some restrictions can be lifted, including at the border, given the landscape is changing.

But there is a potential for more health-care workers to be infected by by COVID-19 if community transmission remains high.

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