S.E. King’s documentary OUR DAD, DANIELLE To premiere at Dances With Films during Pride Month

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(Los Angeles, CA)/CMEDIA: Los Angeles’ Dances With Films Cinema Festival will present S.E. King’s acclaimed debut feature, the crowd-pleasing documentary OUR DAD, DANIELLE. Perfectly timed for Pride Month, the LGBTQIA+ film will screen on Saturday, June 18th at the prestigious Chinese Theatre. 

“Our Dad, Danielle is an important, raw, and beautiful story that helps to break down the stereotypes and perceptions of what the average family looks like. It delivers an important message that at the end of the day, love is love!” says Jackie Tepper, producing partner & documentary programming chair of DWF-LA. “We are proud to screen this powerful documentary at Dances With Films, especially during Pride Month,” she adds.  


Time: 12:30pm

Address: 6925 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028, USA

Tickets: https://danceswithfilms.ticketspice.com/dwf25-our-dad-danielle

The screening will be followed by a Q & A with S.E. King (director/producer), Leah Judge (producer), Danielle Joy “DJ” Healey (protagonist and trans rights activist), Becky Healey (protagonist), Sasha Simmon (protagonist), and Jeri Ann Young (protagonist).

Through a combination of vérité footage and interviews, this immersive, emotionally honest, at times humorous, and ultimately uplifting 98-minute documentary follows Danielle’s journey as an attorney who came out as trans at age 57. Now with her wife, daughters, and trans sisters by her side, it’s time to show her home state of Texas, and the world, the beauty that comes from living authentically.

Danielle’s world is filled with dualities: flamboyant in her personal life yet traditional within her community, or vice versa, much like her native Texan culture. As a fellow Texan, filmmaker S.E. King has had a complicated relationship with growing up as genderqueer there. This film is an up-close and personal look at what it is to be transgender in a conservative society today. The documentary carries a message of hope that fosters openness and understanding, yet is accessible to all audiences.

“Pew’s latest research says that nearly 60% of Americans do not know a trans person. Because of the still-limited scope of trans representation, sometimes those stories can feel out of reach for some audiences, and therefore trans issues may hold no gravity for them. My goal through my film is to foster empathy, effect change, and fortify protections for trans and queer individuals,” says director S.E. King.

“Right now, there are horrendous actions by some Texas legislators who are crusading against trans individuals’ protections, revoking, or limiting already-meager LGBTQIA+ rights. Just recently, politicians are preying on the misinformed and counting on the lack of positive, empathetic representation, using fear to push agendas. Positive, relatable, tangible, trans content like ‘Our Dad, Danielle’ supports our mission to challenge the status quo, transform viewpoints and change policies for the betterment of the community,” adds producer Leah Judge.

“We’re combating these agendas—inviting audiences to get to know these women, listen to their stories, empathize with their experiences, and eventually, inspire action to join the cause against oppressive attitudes and legislations,” concludes S.E. King, with conviction.

OUR DAD, DANIELLE has previously won the Audience Award and the coveted LGBTQIA+ Voices Jury Award at the Portland Film Festival, the Audience Award at the Vail Film Festival, as well as the Best Documentary Feature Jury Award at the Manchester International Film Festival. 

Starring Danielle Joy “DJ” Healey, Becky Healey, Sarah Healey, Sasha Simmon, Jeri Ann Young, Ana Andrea Molina, Anita Kadala, Ruth Leibowitz Saladino, and Michael Healey. OUR DAD, DANIELLE is directed by S.E. King. Produced by S.E. King & Leah Judge of Melba Productions. Director of Photography: Sarah Anderson. Additional Cinematographer: Matteo Ghidoni. Sensitivity Consultant: Nova Donnell. Editors: Robby BarnettMalinda ZehnerKevin Kranzky, Leah Judge and S.E. King. 

About the director:

S.E. King (they/them) was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in Texas. King is a director, writer, and producer based in Los Angeles whose production company, Melba Productions, recently completed their first documentary feature, Our dad, Danielle. They look to develop inclusive content with a focus on LGBTQIA+, women & non-binary, and other marginalized populations. 

About Melba Productions:

An independent production house founded by S.E. King and Leah Judge whose diverse backgrounds in directing, writing, editing, and producing generate fresh, specific, and memorable award-winning content that focuses on LGBTQIA+ issues, women & non-binary people, those with disabilities, and other marginalized communities. 

 To know more about OUR DAD, DANIELLE, please visit the following links:

Website: www.OurDadDanielle.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourdaddanielle

Instagram: @ourdaddanielle

Director S.E. King, producer Leah Judge, and protagonist/activist Danielle Joy “DJ” Healey are presently available for interviews in Los Angeles or remotely.

Source: Melba Productions

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